J1 Standard


For the more adventurous and for those who have a great capacity to adapt to any environment, the standard program is ideal for them!   Students can be placed in any state in the country.  They will be able to live with families without children, of any religion or race, but all of them share the excitement and desire to welcome our children.  The United States is such a large and diverse country that any of its corners offers a unique experience for all our students!


  • Request your place

    You must request your personal interview by sending an e-mail to: info@speakandtravel.es, or calling (+34) 985 229 632 or (+34) 609 013 418. You will then receive more detailed information about the program.

  • Official test of English

    Once you have made the decision to enroll in one of our programs, the student must take the ELTIS, and official language test that we will provide, and will be done on-line.

  • Contract formalization

    After we have successfully passed these two previous steps, and once the student has been accepted into the program, we will sign the contract and pay to reserve the course. After that, we will start filling in all the necessary documents and applications that are required by the American agency.

  • Last details

    We will then only have to wait until the American Agency sends all the information about our host family and the State that will be our home during the entire course. While we wait, we will make all the arrangements to obtain our visa permit in the American Embassy in Madrid.